16 Jan. 2017
Updated the eccentricity measurements in the metadata. The 'relaxed-eccentricity' value has changed because the previous measurement was not performed exactly at the 'relaxed-measurement-time'. A new field, 'relaxed-mean-anomaly', has been added so that the orbital parameters are uniquely determined.

31 Oct. 2016
Added 96 new catalog entries (SXS:BBH:0209 through SXS:BBH:0304) from simulations presented in arXiv:1512.06800 ("On the accuracy and precision of numerical waveforms: Effect of waveform extraction methodology").

15 Aug. 2016
Added two new catalog entries (SXS:BBH:0307 and SXS:BBH:0308) from simulations with GW150914-like parameters, which are presented in arXiv:1606.01262 ("Directly comparing GW150914 with numerical solutions of Einstein's equations for binary black hole coalescence").

15 Jun. 2016
Added one new catalog entry (SXS:BBH:0317) corresponding to the data shown in Fig. 5 of GW151226: Observation of Gravitational Waves from a 22-Solar-Mass Binary Black Hole Coalescence. This simulation was performed with credible parameters for GW151226.

14 Apr. 2016
Added 7 new catalog entries (SXS:BBH:0202 through SXS:BBH:0208) from unequal mass, aligned-spin simulations presented in arXiv:1507.00103.

17 Feb. 2016
Removed Lev6 of SXS:BBH:0005. A numerical glitch was found in the gravitational wave strain data. The remaining data for this simulation (Lev4 and Lev5) are unaffected.

11 Feb. 2016
Added one new catalog entry (SXS:BBH:0305) corresponding to the data shown in Figs. 1 and 2 of Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger. This simulation was performed with the most likely parameters of GW150914.

04 Mar. 2015
Added 22 new catalog entries (SXS:BBH:0180 through SXS:BBH:0201) from unequal mass, non-spinning simulations presented in arXiv:1502.07758.

04 Dec. 2014
Added five new catalog entries (SXS:BBH:0175 through SXS:BBH:0179) from high-spin simulations presented in arXiv:1411.7297 and arXiv:1412.1803.

16 Jan. 2014
All asymptotic waveforms updated after fixing a minor mass scaling bug. Waveform amplitude changes are 0.04% on average, and no larger than 0.1%.

31 Oct. 2013
Initial release of the catalog (SXS:BBH:0001 through SXS:BBH:0174)